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This website is a great resource for meal planning and focuses on creating healthy options for shopping as well as for preparation. The Meals Matter site allows you to use recipes that are available on the website to create grocery shopping lists to ease the struggle of deciding what to eat or buy on the fly.  Additionally, the meal planning "help you establish a pattern of healthy food choices each week by providing a range of features to make planning healthy meals easier, such as nutrition articles, recipes, personalized cookbooks and shopping lists, as well as a meal planner to help plan your meals over time."
Sports Drinks and Youth

Did you know that milk can serve as a great recovery beverage for children and youth after moderate to vigorous exercise? Sports and Energy drinks provide limited to no extra advantage for children in re-hydration.


Activity Bursts Everywhere
Activity Bursts Everywhere is a a free web-based exercise program designed specifically to help adults increase their physical activity throughout the day.
Adventure to Fitness
Adventure to Fitness  is a  free web-based exercise program K-5. I love this program! It was designed for the general education classroom and provides exhilarating missions to locations around the world!  Just released a new episode starting September 12, 2011 that takes kids to Mt. Everest where they'll get fit while learning all about the Himalayas!  Seriously, you need to take a look at this great site.
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Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

A closed head injury is a trauma in which the brain is injured as a result of a blow to the head, or a sudden, violent motion that causes the brain to knock against the skull. Common causes of closed head injury include automobile accidents, assaults, falls, work-related accidents, and sports-related accidents.  To learn more about closed head injury and its symptoms, follow this link.

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