Mr. Phil Pyke
Mr. Pyke
Construction / Carpentry

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1982 Graduate of Clinton High School
1990 Graduate of Lincoln Memorial University B.B.A. (Management)

18 years experience in construction and project management.

What do I need to do to take this course?
Speak to your guidance counselor, or feel free to come see me in room V301.
You must first take Construction Core, then you will be allowed to take both Carpentry 1, then Carpentry 2.

If you are interested in using your carpentry/construction experience in a community outreach project, please consider joining our Skills club.  Joining Skills is also a requirement for local, state, and national competitions. 



In 2013 my construction 1 class build a barn for the Anderson County Football team to run out of onto the field.  We demolished the old chute, and built this barn using old barn wood. 

In 2014, part of my Carpentry 1 class, came in after hours as part of a community service project, and installed VCT on the floor of the Anderson County Football team's pressbox.

Our Construction 1 class can build storage buildings ranging from a maximum of 12' wide to various lengths.