WBL Information

Anderson County offers the Work Based Learning Practicum to students (12 grade) who apply and qualify for the course.  Course requirements have changed to correlate to the newly approved WBL Standards (January, 2015).  To see new standards and informational meetings related to WBL, click here.

Students can participate in several ways with WBL:
Clinicals - A non-paid placement through a Health Science Program of Study with the Health Science Coordinator's recommendation
Cooperative Education - Usually a paid placement through the student's focus area of study or Program of Study with the endorsed instructor's recommendation
Internship - A paid or non-paid placement through the student's focus area of study or Program of Study supervised by the endorsed instructor and monitored by the WBL Coordinator
School-Based Enterprise or School Based Project - A non-paid placement for the student to participate in a school project that is either related to the focus area of study, Program of Study, and/or a CTSO activity and is supervised by the endorsed instructor and/or the CTSO Advisor and monitored by the WBL Coordinator

All WBL participants are expected to complete the following during their WBL experience:

Student-Parent Agreement

State Department of Education and Department of Labor Documents: Training Agreement, Insurance/Medical Form, Training Plan pertinent to their work site, and the Release form.

Weekly/Monthly Wage and Hour Reports if applicable

WBL Cooperative Assignments if applicable

*Knowing My Worksite - Safety and General employer information if applicable

*Where We Work – Onsite photos of students in placement activity

*Resume - Updated through date of graduation

*Portfolio demonstrating the students level of proficiency in the WBL Standards

WBL participant grades will be entered into Skyward in as timely a manner as the WBL participant completes and submits the assignments.  Late assignments will result in zero grades assigned initially with adjusted grades (due to late submission and completion/thoroughness of the work) being entered late.  To avoid this situation, WBL participants are urged to complete assignments and submit them in a timely manner. 

It is the WBL participants responsibility to attend the class as designated by the WBL Instructor to stay informed and up-to-date on assignments and other document completion.

WBL students can earn 2 credits during their 12th grade year toward graduation.  Non-credit options are available for students who have met the Anderson County high school graduation requirements.

Students who are interested in enrolling should complete the WBL Intent To Participate Form the semester prior to their enrollment.  Once approved the student will receive documentation to present to their counselor to initiate their schedule change to participate in WBL during their 12th grade year.  

Further questions related to WBL should be directed to Vikki Burns at vburns@acs.ac or 865.457.4205.