Administrative Staff
Herrell, Robbie Principal
‚Äč Wade, Nathan Assistant Principal

Advanced Manufacturing
Gillum, Russ Welding
Adkins, Zachary Machining

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources
Massengill, Amanda Agriscience / Other AGR. Courses
Warfield, Philip Agriscience / Other AGR. Courses

Architecture & Construction
Woodard , Eric Carpentry / Core
Pyke, Phil Carpentry / Core

Arts, A/V Technology, & Communication
Information Technology
Douglas, Daphne Computer Prog. / Digital
Freyre, Chrystal                   Digital Arts I

Business Management & Administration
Capps, Julie Finance / Digital
Powell, Heather Finance / VE
Smith, Shannon Finance / Digital / Apps

Education & Training
Cooper, Jen Early Childhood

Health Science
Minarik, Sonya Health Science/Medical Therapeutics
Yaden, Emily Nursing/Clinicals /Anatomy

Hospitality & Tourism
Wilson, Pam Culinary Arts

Human Services
Miller, Judy Human Studies / Nutrition / Lifespan
McGhee, Sharon Cosmetology

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Reid, Josh Criminal Justice

  Freyre, Chrystal Introduction to Engineering Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Principles of Engineering Automation & Robotics
Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics
Wood, D.H. MLR 2 / Core
Wood, D. J. Collision Repair / MLR 3 & 4 / Core

Support Staff
Burns, Vikki Coordinator:  Evening School, WBL, DATA
Hopper, Donna Administrative Assistant
McCreary, Tammy Accountant 
Wilkerson, Tommy Head Custodian
Lowe, Billy Custodian
Gorman, Michael Custodian
        David Woods                         Maintenance