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ACCTC 2016-17 Teacher of the Year!      
David H. Wood ~ Automotive Instructor


Culinary has been working very hard this week!

Mr. John Cross, Culinary Arts Instructor from the Morgan County Correctional Facility, on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, spent the day talking with students in Mrs. Pamela Wilsons Culinary Arts classes at Anderson County Career and Technical Center. While his visit was planned for exchanging teacher ideas and information with Mrs. Wilson, his experience working with prison inmates was of great value in helping the students to understand the importance of good decision-making skills NOW, in order to avoid potential problems that lead to arrest and incarceration LATER. Underscoring ACCTCs drive to improve both attendance and ACT scores, as well as enhancing the role that personal-responsibility plays in achieving goals and success in life, were all topics of the days discussion. Not only did Mr. Cross visit provide great insight for us all, as well, student engagement was intriguing and apparent.
~Mrs. Pam Wilson, Culinary Instructor



Culinary also has a note for ACHS: 

Had a great time carving your watermelons! 

Thanks for the opportunity to not only carve them but eat some of it too! There's LOTS left for your students. I'll set out some cups for you.

We placed the watermelons in the refrigerator on sheet pans to preserve them for you. They'll also transport easier and safer if you borrow my big black cart.

Good luck Tomorrow! Thanks for mentioning the Culinary Arts program....btw - the students pictured are of the Level 2 class that completed the task for you.